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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Hot Springs – Where Magic Happens Featured Image
Hot Springs – Where Magic Happens
  • Posted:
  • Category: At Play
The best magic festival in the country was in Hot Springs this past weekend!   Maxwell Blade’s Weekend of Wonder took place at the Hot Springs Convention Center. The International Festival of Magic showcased a full spectrum of magic. Maxwell Blade has been entertaining Hot Springs since 1996 when he and his family opened the Maxwell...Read More

Storage Container Can Become Your Blank Canvas Featured Image
Storage Container Can Become Your Blank Canvas
  • Posted:
  • Category: Personal Use
Packing is no fun. Unpacking is even less fun and can be confusing. It can be tough to decipher which boxes go where and what each box contains. You can write “Kitchen” or “Bathroom,” but the exact contents can remain a mystery. Thanks to the Bella Storage Solution, this can be avoided altogether. Introducing the BELLABoard...Read More

How Rubber Bands Can Help the Band Featured Image
How Rubber Bands Can Help the Band
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  • Category: At Play
Common scenario at a jam session or band practice: You bring your guitar then a song comes along that calls for a capo, and you forgot one. Luckily making one out of a couple of household items isn’t much of a stretch. YouTuber Samantha Fajardo shows that all you need is a pencil and a couple of rubber bands to expand your guitar’s...Read More